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by Kristen T.M. via Jambu's Facebook Page :

Jambu's Ocean travel Cambodia

Taking it easy in a tuk-tuk (Cambodia). Thanks for making these shoes; they are great for walking and travel! QUOTE

by Amy S.B. via Jambu's Facebook Page :

Jambu's Ocean make you smile

I just bought these today and they are, by far, my most favorite pair of shoes ever! Super cute, super comfortable and super whimsical! All day today, they made me smile every time I looked at them. Please send my most heart felt thank yous to all involved. I can no longer say, "All the cute shoes are made for little girls." Big feet can have cute shoes too! QUOTE

by Jade G. via Jambu's Facebook Page :

Jambu's Ocean walk San Francisco

Everybody loves Jambu Ocean ! QUOTE

by Gladys M. via Jambu's Facebook Page :

In Love with Jambu

I love my Jambu sandals ! QUOTE

by Dianne W.F. via Jambu's Facebook Page :

I want another pair

My Jambu story is happy...and sad...
Happy, because here they are, and I love them! Sad, because I want another pair, and I cannot find them anywhere this year!QUOTE

by Sherreth V. via Jambu's Facebook Page :

Jambu hiking Belize

My first pair, Jambu Cinnamon, took them to Belize, and they saw adventure, hiking Mayan Ruins, walking dusty, rocky roads, walking in the rain, these are the most comfortable shoes. I took several pairs of shoes and wound up not wearing many. Now, I've been wearing them to work, will be getting another pair(s).QUOTE

by Lindsey L. via Jambu's Facebook Page :

Jambu nothing but awesome

Jambu, you've been nothing but awesome. I work retail. Requested and begged for the Jambu product to be sold at my store. I've only bragged to my customers about how wonderful the shoes are. I've gone to Italy with them, worked 3 holiday seasons (+10 hour work days), and will be attending a couple music festivals this summer. All the while I'll be sporting my trusty Jambu kicks!QUOTE

by Monica S. via Jambu's Facebook Page :

Jambu's Dune survive volcano climbing

I purchased my first pair of Jambu shoes last year for our European trip. They are the best and most comfortable sandals I''ve ever had. Although they seem to be in rough shape after a day of volcano climbing and heavy terrain walking, but they cleaned up just fine. QUOTE


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Jambu Footwear on a Pau Hana Malibu SUP!

Elaine Campbell with Jambu off to the Grand Tetons in WY :)

Ziplining with Nangelizz Martinez and Jambu Kids

Jambu's Puerto Rico Family Vacation


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