Where to buy Jambu

Can I buy directly from Jambu's website?

Yes, just browse our collection and buy directly through our preferred online retailers, or check out our store locator to find a store near you.

At this time, Jambu only ships in the domestic USA. However, we have recently contracted several distributors to carry Jambu product in Canada and Israel.

Does Jambu ship internationally?

We currently are available in the US, Korea and Chile. We do not ship internationally but do have distributors that service Korea and Chile.

Do you sell replacement insoles?

YES, we do! Just call Jambu Customer Service.

Can I have a catalog sent to me?

Jambu is a wholesale company; see our current season footwear on our website and contact an online retailer or retail store near you for purchase.

How do I request the latest free "Look Book"?

Contact Jambu Customer Service for our latest "Look Book" with your address and we will gladly send you a book.

Are Jambu sold at any retail locations?

Jambu is sold at many retail sites- please look at the store locator to find the store closest to you. We also have many online places to shop as well.

Where can I find a specific style of Jambu Shoes?

Look on our store locator to find a store near you or see our shop online section.

Where can I find a style that has been discontinued?

We suggest you look online at some stores that carry discontinued products such as Overstock.com or Sierratradingpost.com.

Will sold-out items ever come back?

We regularly review our best-selling and most sought-after shoes, and place reorders on occasion. Check our Facebook and Twitter for updates! Since our shoes do tend to sell out quickly, we encourage our Members to review new selections as soon as they are released at the beginning of each season.

Are the products shown on Jambu.com the only ones you have in stock?

The styles shown on Jambu.com are the current season offerings. You will need to check with a retail store to find the particular style you are looking for.

I have seen something I want in a store but I cannot see it online?

If it is not showing on our website- it is probably a discontinued model- we suggest searching the Internet for Jambu and the style model to see who might have that style!

Do all of your stores carry the same shoes?

In a perfect world that would be yes but every retail store chooses the styles that they want to have in their stores. Styles will vary by retail location.

I am not a customer of Jambu, but I want more information about the products that you show on the web site. How do I become a customer?

Contact Jambu Customer Service and we can direct you to a retail store closest to you or you can search the store locator for that information.

Product Care & Sizing Questions

How do I care for my Jambu shoes? Can I wash them?

We do not recommend washing your shoes. Use a leather cleaner to clean your leather products. If the shoe is fabric - use a fabric cleaner or a wet wash cloth will do the trick.

How do I care for my shoes?

Our shoes are made from premium materials, including real leather and real suede. This means that with proper care, you can enjoy your perfect pair for a long time to come.

For leather: Treat your leather shoes with a leather conditioner made specifically for shoes.

For suede: Treat your suede shoes with a suede protectant (always do a patch test first) and use a suede brush to remove dirt.

For patent leather: Use a soft shoe brush to remove dirt, then wash with a mild soap. Condition your patent leather shoes with leather conditioner and polish with wax or shoe polish.

How do I determine my shoe size?

We suggest always going with your normal shoe size.

What shoe size should I order?

Sizes vary among different manufacturers. We recommend that you order the size that normally fits you best. Jambu tries to maintain consistent sizing for all of our different styles, and our sizes run true to U.S. sizing standards.

Do you carry sizes 5, 5.5 or 12?

We currently carry womens sizes 6-10 and size 11, mens sizes 8-12 and size 13.

Do you offer wide or narrow sizes?

We are currently adding wide widths to our womens collection. As demand grows, we will continuously add styles to this collection.

Are there any general fitting tips I should know of?

As every foot is individual – there is not a general rule for fitting Jambu.

About Jambu Shoes

What kinds of materials are used to make Jambu shoes?

We use only the finest premium materials to make our shoes, which are constructed with the shoe expertise of Jambu. We only use real leather, real suede and high-quality threads in our leather items. We use quality vegan materials in our Vegan Selection. You can find more information in the product details section displayed with each shoe.

What are Vegan Shoes?

Our Vegan Shoes are 100% animal friendly. No animal by-products exist in Jambu's Vegan Designs.

What are Bare Feet Designs™?

Bare Feet Designs is a minimalistic approach to footwear for women on the go. These designs embody the barefoot stride by allowing a wider range of natural motion for your feet and leg muscles. A blend of rice husks and natural rubber make the Bare Feet™ outsoles eco-friendly, lightweight and flexible.

What is Water Ready footwear?

Footwear that has waterproof leathers and that are designed for outdoor wear.

Where are Jambu shoes manufactured?

They are manufactured in China from factories that are closely supervised by our designers and General Manager. All of our factories have to follow strict standards that are monitored.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes- follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Warranty Returns & Exchange

What is your warranty for Jambu shoes?

We stand behind our shoes for a reasonable amount of time. Normal wear is not a defect in the manufacture of a shoes. If you think your shoe is defective, please contact the retail store where you purchased them.

I have a problem with my Jambu's. Who do I contact? Can you repair my shoes?

We suggest you contact the retail store where you purchased your Shoes - they can help you with your return. If that does not work, please contact Jambu Customer Service.

Can I exchange my shoes for a different size or style?

Any exchanges of product would need to be done with the original retail/online company that the item was obtained from.

Can I return an item that I bought online?

All returns need to be handled with the company that you made your purchase from.

If I have a complaint, who should I speak to?

Contact Jambu Customer Service and we will solve any issues you might have.

How can I get defective shoes repaired?

Contact Jambu Customer Services and we will help you with this issue.